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steelband arrangements

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Difficulty ratings shown are on a scale from 1 to 5 ttttt.


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Jazz Suite $20 Difficulty tttt DEMOS

This five-movement recital piece celebrates the unique qualities of the vibraphone with plenty of dampening and pedaling challenges. With an average movement length of about two-and-a-half minutes, the entire suite is a substantive work. Economical and colorful voicings support the melodic content, which is reminiscent of the original styles, but with a contemporary twist. 

Three of the five movements are notated in two different versions to accommodate different levels of players. Each of these movements has a version with explicit dampening and pedaling instructions (for those less experienced with these techniques), and without. A detailed set of performer's notes is also provided.

See a sample page of each version:
Detailed notation
Basic notation

"This collection is great for a variety of settings, whether undergraduate and graduate recitals or your next country clob gig." - Joshua D. Smith, Percussive Notes Magazine

Full recorded performances by Gary Gibson of this suite are available HERE.

See also "Wallflower, Snowbird, Carillon," from Studio 4 Publishing and available through numerous retailers.