Week 8 Page 1

February 21 - 28, 2004

2004 Panorama National Finals

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Results (large bands category):


2. Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove 456
2. Neal and Massey Trinidad All Stars 456
4. Witco Desperadoes 455
5. Skiffle Bunch 446
6. Amoco Renegades 436
7. Redemption Sound Setters 433
8. Fonclaire 427

Press Coverage Links:

"Exodus Again"

Quotes from i955fm radio broadcast about Exodus during their live Finals coverage
(thanks to Michael Bento for this report; he listened in live via internet broadcast):

"Orchestration/instrumentation typical of Pelham Goddard"
"Intricate cello pan parts as well as the inner pans"
"..A well-oiled machine.."
"Very clean-very well rehearsed..Can't fault them"
"Flag work was skilled, smooth"
"Grandstand leaving after Exodus.."

And now, pictures from Finals eve and Finals. There are 17 pictures here, divided into three pages. Forgive my indulgence, but I simply couldn't choose between some photos...

1) The night before the finals, Exodus Manager Ainsworth Mohammed responds to reporters' questions at the Exodus panyard during the last rehearsal of the season.

(Photo by Julie)

2) This photo may seem out of place, but it is actually related to Finals night. This is pelau, a traditional dish of rice, beans (or pigeon peas), and meat cooked in a spiced coconut milk broth. Delicious. This was the meal provided for us in the staging area prior to hitting the "drag" (the procession down the street and through the Savannah grounds on the way to the stage) on Finals night. Best eaten with a "spork" from a paper plate (resting on the hood of an old truck) in the staging area.

3) We begin our push down the street. Everyone associated with the band (our "posse") helps push the racks down the street, and escorts us all the way up onto the stage. Family members, fans, and residents of the Tunapuna neighborhood where the Exodus panyard is share intimately in the experience.

(Photo by Julie)

4) As on semi-finals night, we play each time we stop in the line. Here I am with my tenor-pan partner, Pancho. He's a very quiet, cool guy, and was great to have next to me during most of my experience in the yard and in competition. In the above photo, Pancho's fifteen-year-old daughter is walking between us on the move. She has been by his side on the drag for every Panorama since she has been able to walk. She's looking forward to being in a band herself one day soon. Tenor section leader Kurt is just behind us on the next rack.

(Photo by Julie)

5. This is a shot of the engine room float on the drag. It is lined around the edges with pans that hang over the sides.

(Photo by Julie)

6. Media from across the globe cover Panorama Finals, including the action outside the stadium on the drag. For whatever reason, this reporter took a keen interest in me during a play-through.

(Photo by Julie)

7. My wife, Julie, was part of the Exodus posse. As nearly all members of the posse, she's wearing the band colors: black and/or white.

8. Here is the first of a short series of photos taken at the bottom of the ramp. With the exception of actually playing on stage, this is the most exciting part of the trip from the staging area to the venue. As on semi-finals night, the energy and anticipation in this spot as you wait for the preceding band to finish is palpable.