Week 7 Page 1

February 15 - 21, 2004

UWI, Julie under the samaan tree, Junior steel bands

(More later in the week as we sightsee: Port of Spain, St. James, Woodbrook, Phase II panyard)

1) My wife arrived for the remainder of my visit here on Sunday. We attended a Ray Holman concert at University of the West Indies, and I had to show her my favorite tree. This old samaan tree looks like a typical, big, wide, low hanging tree, until you look closer at the scale. Note the park bench and Julie standing near the trunk. The horizontal reach of this tree is amazing.

2) This photo is taken from near the trunk of the tree, looking outwards. Although she looks farther away, Julie is standing directly under the dripline of the tree.

3) The main administration building on the UWI campus. The field I am standing in is the main large green space on campus, and doubles as a recreational soccer pitch (note the center circle lines on the right).

4) Exodus isn't the only group that uses our panyard. This is the St. Augustine Senior Composite School band (looks like a lot more fun than my high school band was!). They placed fifth in the Junior Panorama semi-finals on Sunday.