Week 5

February 1 - 7, 2004

Architecture around Queen's Park Savannah (other stuff on page 2)

Links to press covereage on Prelims:

"Exodus tops large bands"

"Champs take lead to Savannah"

"The Great Cocoyea War"

"Exodus Declares War"

Scores from Prelims (posted 2/4/04):

1. Exodus, with 273 points

2. Desperados, with 272 points

3. Renegades, with 263 points

3. Solo Pan Knights, with 263 points

Semi-finals are this Sunday, Feb. 8th. And now, some pictures. We'll start with some architecture, then move onto people and places. All of these buildings on this page are located around Queen's Park Savannah, which is the Port of Spain equivalent to Central Park.

1) Trinidad is a blend of many cultures, and British is one of them. This is the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. There are several more even larger cathedrals in Port of Spain, but this one happened to be right on my walk (taken from Woodford Square park).

2) This is the National Museum of Trinidad. It was once the Royal Victoria Institute.

3) This is a house bordering on Queen's Park Savannah that I found interesting, architecturally. There is some East Indian influence in the design and ornamentation. A very large portion of the population here is of Indian descent, and Hindu is a prominent religion.

4) I liked this house, too, even though it needs a fresh coat of paint. Nice shutters and awnings (and ceiling fans inside). There are Victorian and Tudor elements to the styling, but it is purely Caribbean in functional elements.

5) This is the Archbishop's residence.

6) And this is the Prime Minister's office. The windows have a little hint of Taj Mahal in them, don't you think?

7) A coconut truck parked along side the Savannah. On hot days, passersby that actually like coconut (I don't) stop and drink straight out of a cold, freshly macheted coconut.

8) More Victorian styling here at Queen's Royal College. The word "college" actually means "high school" here.