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Are you an orchestral composer interested in hearing your unperformed works realized using MIDI and sampled sounds?

The Two Trees Music live recording facility is optimized for small-scale recording projects, like adding 'sweetening" tracks or other overdubs to your existing tracks. Small groups (up to four pieces) can also be recorded here.

The development of the digital age has brought new opportunities for recording artists to include musicians from other locations on their recordings without the costs of travel. Gary Gibson and his associate musicians have recorded many tracks for clients that reside hundreds or thousands of miles away, without ever leaving Seattle. The Two Trees Music Recording Studio is well-equipped for such purposes.

We utilize ProTools software, with the DIGI002 interface (up to 96k, 32-bit recording), and a great selection of microphones. The tracks are clean, due to a quiet room and special electronic grounding. We can deliver finished, edited full-length individual audio tracks in any format, or ProTools or Digital Performer files with the new audio.

No matter what your recording entails, a cost-efficient way of adding that special solo or background track is by using a small but clean tracking studio like ours. With broadband connection, we can even send audio "proofs"  for your production input and approval within minutes.

Send an email and let us know what we can contribute to your recording.

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