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gg_studio A studio musician develops special skills to handle the dynamics of studio recording. This includes basic things like being comfortable performing with headphones on, working quickly (studio time can be costly), paying attention to micing for the best sound, and playing in such a manner that the need for  further editing is kept to a minimum. 

Recording sessions take a variety of forms. They can be recorded in ensemble fashion, with all the musicians playing at the same time, or with several musicians playing basic reference tracks so that other musicians can overdub on top of them later on, or even one musician track at a time. Music recording technology has opened up a lot of possibilities since guitarist Les Paul began experiementing with multi-track recording more than a half-century ago.

I've recorded in many different environments, from film score recordings with full orchestra to rap record overdubs, from live jazz recordings to tracking parts in my own studio for clients that are thousands of miles away.

If you're interested in having me lay down tracks for your recording, check out the tracking and recording page.

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