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The compositions on this page are steel pan oriented, but not scored for full steelband. The catalogue of these pieces will grow steadily, so please check back soon for additional works.

Each piece comes with a full score (containing detailed performance notes) and a full set of parts professionally engraved and printed on high quality paper, and in a labeled folder ready for filing in your library.

For most of the pieces listed below, there is a MIDI-generated audio-clip demo of  the tune
(Javascript required), along with a difficulty rating and helpful notes about the piece's special challenges or requirements.

The difficulty ratings shown are on a scale from 1 to 5 ttttt.


Credit card payments are accepted through PayPal. Simply click on the "Add to Cart" button for each composition that you are interested in. Transactions are secure.

***For orders shipping to addresses outside the United States, an additional shipping charge will be assessed based upon your location.  This is typically about $10 (US) and is figured by the amount of the postage, minus what it costs to ship here in the U.S. domestically.
You will receive an email and a PayPal request for money in order to complete the transaction. ***

To pay by check or money order, please simply send me an email
Payment by check may be sent to:

Two Trees Music
P.O. Box 1222
Edmonds, WA  98020

Please allow one to two weeks for delivery.

Invoices for institutional purchasers will be provided. 

Waltzin' With Christina
$20 Difficulty ttt DEMO

This is a duet for tenor pan (low C) and triple cellos or guitars (low B required). There is a section for an improvised tenor pan solo, or a written-out suggested solo is provided. 

Full score
Tenor (lead) pan
Written-out tenor solo (separate part)
Triple Guitars or Cellos

Duet #1
$20 Difficulty tttt DEMO

This is a duet for double seconds (low F#) and piano. It is a recital piece, and also seves as an exercise in diminished patterns on the double seconds (exploiting the layout of the seconds).

Full score
Double seconds (low F#)
Piano score (with double seconds cue part)

Autumn Stroll $28 Difficulty ttt DEMO

Originally recorded on the album "Breather," this is a short (3:30) pretty, flowing, semi-minimalist piece written around a piano ostinato. Key of Ab (Db Lydian), but also dwells in other chord centers.

Full score
Tenor (lead) pan (1 player)
Double seconds (1 player)

Me Bop (Won't Stop) $40 Difficulty ttttt+ DEMO

This is an advanced,  tour de force recital piece for three pan players, optional flute, and light percussion (shaker, triangle, splash cymbal). Based on a short, standard jazz chord progression, the piece reaches farther and farther "out" harmonically and melodically as it progresses, creating unique sonorities and chord voicings along the way, all the while keeping the listener's ear well grounded in the original structure. The package also contains combined double-seconds/cello part which could be used as one-player accompaniment (such as with a set of quads, or even on a keyboard instrument). Key of Gb.

The above demo is a MIDI-generated MP3 of the Finale file. An excerpt of the original recording (in F) can be found here, on the recording 
"My Two Cents" (Gary Gibson, 2000)

Full score
Solo Tenor (lead)
Double seconds (single player)
Guitar/cello (single player)
Flute (optional)

"As a small ensemble piece, the work would be great on any recital, adding a colorful texture to the program."  - Jeannine Remy, Percussive Notes Magazine

Twenty Again $28 Difficulty tttt DEMO

Also from the album "Breather," this piece is written in 5/4 meter, and has a pretty, optimistic sound to it. Contrapuntal writing and a floating, breezy middle section keep this piece interesting all the way through. Roughly four minutes in length. A great program pairing with "Autumn Stroll."

Full score
Tenor (lead) pan (1 player)
Double seconds (1 player)

See also "Amazing Grace" on the steelband arrangements page.