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Commissioned by Mike Mizma and the San Jacinto Community College Central Steel Band, this nine-movement work, based on the folklore of Trinidad, had a very successful premier in Houston in March, 2010, and was performed again at the Virginia Arts Festival "PANorama" Steelband festival in May of 2010. It has also been performed by the Ithaca (NY) College chorus and steel band, the Choir of the Sound (Lynnwood, WA),  the Masterworks Choral Ensemble (Olympia, WA), and the John Hopkins Middle School (Center for the Arts, Journalism, and Multimedia) in St. Petersburg, FL.

A variety of musical styles, including classical, soca, samba, calypso, ska, cha cha, and odd meter are used, and the choir is stylistically challenged to be at times classical, gospel, or jazz. A well-rounded, full 45-minute program for this unique, entertaining combination.

A description of each movement, as well as information about balancing the steelband and choir is contained in the Abridged Director's Notes. If you would like a review copy of the complete libretto, please send an email request.

A special notation package (with the inclusion of the rehearsal piano part) has been assembled to allow independent rehearsals of the steel band and choir. The music is printed on heavy,  letter-size paper with pre-punched holes for your three-ring binders (not provided).

Following the usual protocol for choral music purchases, each of the scores and parts are purchased individually based upon the size of your group.*

• Full score with libretto and complete, detailed director's notes and program notes (255 pages)....$29.95
• SATB Choir (140 pages)....$16.95
• Rehearsal piano (180 pages)....$19.95
• Tenor pans....$6.95
• Double Tenor (can be played on double seconds)....$6.95
• Double seconds (written for low F# pans)....
• Guitar/Cello (written for low B triple pans)....$6.95
• Bass pan (written for low Bb six-bass)....$6.95
• Percussion 1 (shekere, light shaker, medium-small tam tam, large susp. cym. small susp. cym., iron [brake drum], guiro, tambourine, medium shaker, pandeiro)....$6.95
• Percussion 2 (congas, glockenspiel, surdo, [opt. agogo], small cowbell, susp. cym., medium-small tam tam)....$6.95
• Drumset....

These prices in U.S. Dollars (purchases within Washington State will pay sales tax), and include shipping within the United States.

To order, you can simply send an email with the quanities needed, or download (right click and save to disk) and fill out this Excel order form worksheet and attach it to an email

"This nine-movement suite is full of colorful surprises. ...refreshing and new programmatic composition for a proportionate combination of steelpan instruments and vocalists. The level of steelpan playing required is accessible and the parts are idiomatic. This music would be satisfying to any ensemble looking for a good collaboration." - Jeannine Remy, Percussive Notes Magazine

* (Duplication of any of the scores or parts is strictly prohibited.)

Abridged Director's Notes

Sample pages:

Full score
SATB Choir
Sample Pan Part

Audfo excerpts*

1. Sleep Well

2. Papa Bois

3. Duppies

4. Brother Anansi

5. La Diablesse

6. Soucouyant

7. Duennes

8. Pan Jumbies

9. Finale / Sleep Well Reprise

* performed by the San Jacinto College Central steelband and choir. Download the full recording HERE.

" It is a great work, without question.  A landmark in the steel band repertoire..."  - Gordon Stout, Ithaca College