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A freelance musician generally plays a wide variety of gigs in order to make a living. By being available locally for various work opportunities, the freelance musician winds up playing everything from Broadway shows to weddings, wakes to concerts, Bar Mitzvahs to backyard barbecues. The freelancer must be organized, have a variety of stylistic talents, and own a reliable car!

As a freelance musician here in my home of Seattle, I've had some pretty odd days, playing a wedding in the afternoon and a divorce party in the evening, or a concert in the afternoon and a birthday party the same night. I've played as many as three gigs in a day, each very different from the others. It can make for exhausting days, but the work is interesting.

In addition to the theater and steel pan work I do locally, I have a history as jazz drummer and vibraphonist in Seattle, and know just about every venue in town. Although my freelancing involves more steel pan than it used to, I still remain active on all my instruments, and enjoy doing local gigs and shows.

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