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After audio is recorded, there is usually at least some editing required to eliminate unwanted noises, pick the best takes, cover up rough spots, or piece two segments of a recording together into one piece of music. An audio editor does this job, carefully listening for things that get in the way of the performance. A good audio editor can streamline the mixing process greatly by handing clean files over to the mix engineer, who then can concentrate on the process of mixing, without having to deal with the drudgery of constantly selecting regions of audio to mute or delete. In most cases, it ultimately saves money in mixing time to have your files cleaned up by an audio editor first. Since no processing is applied to the audio tracks, this process is not dependent on high-end equipment, but rather on the skill and experience of the editor.

A mix engineer takes the audio of multiple tracks and blends them down into a stero mix. This process is part art, part craft, and part trade. A good mix engineer can work miracles on problematic recordings by applying a variety of processing tools, such as compression, eq, delay, reverb, etc., to each track independently. After carefully adjusting the volumes of each track in places, bringing out the important material, the process of "mixing" the audio down to stereo is done, and the music is ready for the next step in the process (usually mastering).

I've done more editing at my own studio than mixing, but I sometimes work as a mixing consultant on projects happening in other studios. I can mix projects here at the Two Trees Music Recording Studio, or oversee mixing at other locations. It is important to have a fresh "pair of ears" handling your music!

For more info about this service,see the post production page.

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