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Composition is one of the deepest artistic endeavors a musician can make, fully utilizing all aspects of his or her experience, ear, instinct, and technical knowledge to create from scratch a new work of art. I've been composing since I was 15, in a wide variety of stylistic genres and insturmental assemblies.

The applications of new musical composition are as diverse as they have ever been, encompassing television, film, video games, custom website content, music for live performance, licensing, and, of course, pure artistic expression in new works created for no other purpose (art music).

At times, composers/songwriters will need the special expertise of an arranger or orchestrator to bring shape and specificity to a piece of music. I am experienced in many styles of arranging and orchestration, and have done scores for a wide, wide variety of instrumentations.

If you have needs in this area, please send me an email and we can explore the possibilities together. I have done works on commission from various college and universities, the National Sinfonia of Trinidad, the Wichita Symphony Orchestra, and various other groups.

Below are some examples of the stylistic range I cover in my writing and orchestration, all done in house. These examples are MIDI-sample realized. More examples of my compositions can be found on my steel pan jazz recordings page.

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all compositions © gary gibson. use of these files without permission strictly prohibited.

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