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The composer creates original music "from scratch" from within his own imagination. This can be in the form of rough piano-score "sketch" that can be handed off to an orchestrator (as in film music), or a lead-sheet that is open to arrangement by anyone interested in creating their own version of it (such as with jazz and commercial compositions), or an original piece of music that is also orchestrated by the composer himself, such as in traditional and contemporary classical  music.

As a composer, my work has been in a wide variety of genres. I've done full-blown compositions (self-orchestrated) for symphony orchestra and symphonic wind ensemble, jazz compositions, MIDI composition for websites, music for video games, car commercials, short animated films, children's musicals, steelbands, woodwind quintets, clarinet choirs, chamber jazz ensemble, jazz ensemble and choir, bell choir, etc.

Below are MIDI-and-sample mock-ups of original compositions recorded entirely in-house for promotional purposes. These same examples can be found on the composition and orchestration page, and you can check out my jazzier, steel pan-specific compositions on my CD pages.
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