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arrange graphic An arranger takes someone else's (or his own) piece of music and scores it for a given instrumentation. An arranger will take some artistic license with the tune, adding sections or changing the harmony slightly in places, in order to put his own, in order to make a new version of the tune from his imagination. Examples of this might include a case in which someone wanted to do a specific song for their recording or live performance, and wanted to  have their own unique version of the tune (not just a cover). They'd hire an arranger to create a new score just for them, for whatever instrumentation was agreed upon.

An orchestrator's job is a bt more limited to the actual scoring; he doesn't manipulate the given structure or harmony that the composer or arranger has indicated, but focusses on the task of assigning which instruments will play which parts, and noting special performance techniques for the musicians to use. An orchestrator must know well how to score for various ensembles, and must have a good knowledge of how all the musical instruments work, so that the music is performable. 

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